There are a few other factors to keen in mind

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We can all complain about it, but that isn't going to change synchronous motor much. If you want to drive a car that gets poor mileage, you are going to have to be ready to pay. Quick accelerations and braking can cut gas mileage by as much as 30 percent. While this may seem a good idea, it actually wastes more fuel than if you just drive. If you put racks on your vehicle to carry bikes, luggage and what have you, you are creating drag and lowering your gas mileage. Don't! It will reduce you mileage by as much as a quarter of the normal rate. Simply put, new cars get poor gas mileage until the engine is broken in fully. Instead, learning more about gas is the key to saving money. Aerodynamics are the biggest factor in gas mileage. To avoid this, we turn on the air conditioner. Not only are they of the start and stop variety, but they can usually be combined into one trip that would reduce the total mileage you drive.


There are a few other factors to keen in mind. The same goes for your car or truck. The days of cheap and easy to get fuel are simply over. This means it wastes gas regardless of how carefully you drive. In short, don't panic when your mileage is bad. A cold engine does not perform efficiently. A tuned engine burns fuel efficiently, so make sure yours is. While correctly inflated tires are important, making sure your car is aligned properly is equaly so.A trip to the old pump is enough to make you gasp. This means three to five thousand miles. Short trips are another area that will kill your gas mileage.


The first thing to know about saving money on gas is the nature of your car. . A good chill can slow you down. The days of filling up your ride for a couple bucks a gallon. How many times have you pounded the gas pedal at the light only to run into a red light at the next intersection? Not only is it aggravating, but your wasting gas. The sun can turn it into a furnace. Nothing gets hot like the inside of a car. While we might drink something warm to heat up, the antidote for most of us when it comes to our car is to fire it up until the engine temperature comes up. The air resists things moving through it. The world demand for oil is going up and supplies are not keeping up.

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